Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Costume DIY.

Halloween Costumes can be easily put together this season. Try these easy combos below for a 
quick costume. All you need is a few simple items from your closet. If you don't own these wardrobe staples they can be purchased for much cheaper than buying a full blown costume. Save your money and buy these items from a regular shop or thrift store. Add accessories from a halloween store to pull your costume together. You can purchase these for much cheaper than buying an actual costume. Don't forget to check your local thrift shops and Target to find items for your costume. Below are ideas for a hippie, cat, barbie, witch, and where's Waldo.


Bell bottoms + Moccasins + Tie Dye = Hippie


Black Jumpsuit + Black Boots + Fur Jacket = Black Cat


Pink dress + Pink Purse + Pink Lipstick + Pink Heels = Barbie


Lace Black Dress + Stripe Tights + Black Booties = Witch


Red and White Striped Top + Blue Jeans + Brown Shoes = Where's Waldo

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Style.

The Fall season is such a fun time to play around with layering and color. Fashion is such a great way to express yourself and the Fall season is a great time to mess around with different textures, prints, and colors.

     1. Mixed textures: leather & knit

Leather & Knit

This trend can be super easy to put together this Fall. All you need to do is start
with one staple leather item whether it be a skirt, top, shorts, or a small leather panel
on a top or sweater. You can mix this leather piece with a comfy knit sweater to soften
the edgy leather. With this look I paired an a-line leather skirt with an oversize grey sweater.
I topped off these two pieces with a statement necklace to tie the colors together. I also
chose a royal blue flat because this blue is very popular this autumn season. 

2. Fall Florals

Fall Florals

This next trend can be accomplished by transitioning a floral summer dress into the winter
or by choosing a darker floral for the fall. This dress has a black base which makes it perfect
for the colder season. Since it has sleeves I didn't choose a cardigan to cover up but instead
a pair of black tights and a knit red scarf for some warmth. I chose a gold bracelet to add a little
flair to the look. These tan ankle boots also work really well with the colors in the dress. 

3. All Over Prints

Mixed Prints

Mixing prints can be a difficult trend to pull off. To accomplish this successfully pair
two prints that share a similar color. For example this striped pencil skirt is paired with an
abstract print that also features only two colors. This pea green color is less summer and more
fall. When mixing prints consider going for a less dramatic shoe. These black flats bring the look together. You can tuck the blouse in the front of the skirt and leave the back draping out.

4. Biker Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim.

Denim on denim is so chic. And biker staples are everywhere this season. Instead
of choosing a leather biker jacket consider denim. This jacket is extremely versatile
it can be worn over a floral dress or over a basic tee like this look. A pair of denim
boyfriend jeans are perfect for this outfit. The denim on denim works well together because
it features two different shades of denim. Avoid wearing denim of all the same shade. I also
chose a sexy black heel to counteract the mens style denim I chose for the look. 

5. White on White

Winter White

Who says you can't wear white after labor day? Sure you can! This white dress is so effortless
and paired with a sheer pair of black tights and white ankle boots it is perfection for the fall. I 
also chose a white scarf to bring the look into the fall and make it less of a summer feel. Some
white accessories can top off the look. If its cold pair a white jacket with the look or a black 
sweater if you feel self conscious about all of the white. Layering white on white can be chic.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Colder Weather.

It seems to be getting colder and colder everyday. This is just the excuse I needed to get my Dior grandpa sweater out. I love wearing this sweater with leggings. Its such a comfortable and cute look.

I love these printed trousers I recently purchased at TJ Maxx I wore them with a basic tee and cardigan
this day and used a hot pink scarf as a pop of color. I cant wait to wear these pants again with a colored
blouse and some chunky jewelry. These could also look cute with a short colorful pair of heels.

With my ankle length trousers I wore a button up magenta colored blouse that has leather 
cuffs and collar. I also wore my snake print flats to mix up the look. I always seem to go straight 
to my black shoes! Next time I think I will tuck in a blouse and belt the trousers!

I love my new denim biker jacket. Perfect for fall weather and not your basic denim jacket!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Busy bee.

I've been a super busy bee working my two jobs! Above are two photos of looks I wore last week. Both are a black and red theme which is perfect for fall. The first look features my new houndstooth leggings. I have an obsession with that print! And I paired it with my red bustier and a black blouse. The second look shows my new red midi length skirt. I love the pleats in the front and the zipper in the back. I wore it with a basic black sweater and loafers for a work appropriate look. Hopefully i'll be back soon with a new post!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tunics & Leggings.

This oversize sweater is perfect with leggings and flats for a fall fashion look. This sweater from H&M and leggings from Target make for a great low price yet fashionable look. These penny loafers make
a more sophisticated look and hair pulled back with a scarf adds some dimension to the cozy look.

This day I wore my liquid leggings which look like a faux leather. I wore an oversize 
shirt from forever 21 which is made from a super soft fabric. My printed scarf matches 
the grey ankle boots for another cozy fall look.  You could purchase a similar 
pull over sweater in the mens department for a menswear inspire look.

My last look features a sheer tunic instead of a sweater. This long tunic from TJ Maxx is perfect with
my velvet American Apparel leggings. I wore them with my penny loafers again and a knit houndstooth scarf. Although I love long sweaters with leggings a sheer tunic can look extremely delicate and pretty. And this orange color is perfect for the fall season. 

Leggings + Tunics + Scarf = Perfect Fall Look.

Tune back soon for another post! Thanks for stopping by!
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