Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mix it up.

Today I decided to wear a new skirt from Zara. I love the pattern, colors, and pleats that combine to make this great skirt. I hope to bring it into the fall and winter even though the colors are sort of summer-y. I mixed the floral skirt pattern with a striped tube top. I love mixing patterns and these two designs went very well together. One it comes to mixing patterns I like to pair two pieces together that have at least one or two colors in common. Thanks for reading!


  1. this is all so beautiful , your blog is great and im jealous of every aspect of your outfit xx keep it up :


  2. Aww you look so summery! I'm jealous I bet it is really warm where you are! Our Scottish summers are hardly warm really! You only get a few good days here and there! :) Have a lovely weekend! Zoë x

  3. Love the outfit! Very cute, I loove the floral skirt ♥ Love the colors of it :)
    I also love your sandals. :)

    Thank you for your comment on my sticker post! :)


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