Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost July.

It's almost July. I can't believe June is over and that I am halfway into my summer. I've been planning out some new sewing projects and recyclable wear projects in my head. I need to get working on those projects before I am headed back to school for the Fall. Today I am wearing one of my favorite H&M dresses. I love the uneven multicolored tiers on this dress. The colors are great and they match my tan sweater perfectly. I love the nude/light pink color scheme. It is one of my favorites I just purchased a few items during a shopping trip yesterday that fit this scheme perfectly! Thanks everyone for the sweet comments on my previous posts. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leather for the day.

Most people take one look at this skirt in my closet and would think that it is a night only skirt. A "going out" skirt if you care to call it that. But I prefer to take items such as this leather skirt and pair them with items to make them day appropriate. For example today I paired the skirt with a basic yellow t-shirt and a bright colored necklace. By wearing bright colors to off set the dark skirt it looks more appropriate for day wear. I also wore white instead of black sandals to fit the theme of bright items. I hope I can give you a little inspiration to bring that skirt, dress, or top of yours into your daytime wardrobe. And as always thanks followers and those who have left me kind comments!

(Outfit details: top- Target, skirt- Forever 21, necklace- gift)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My apologies.

Sorry for not posting lately. I haven't been able to take very good photos and I have been feeling a little uninspired. I have a few looks I have prepared to wear but am waiting for the right weather, a special event, or a time when I can take fabulous photos. Today's look may be a little casual but I have been wanting to wear a head scarf for a while now. I based this look around my light blue polka dot scarf. I chose this simple gray dress because I like it mixed with the blue. I then decided to wear my short white leggings to match the polka dots on my scarf. I then threw in some black with my pouch necklace, sandals, and watch! Thanks for reading and for my new followers you make me the happiest! 

Lastly, a photo of the look I wore yesterday.

Be sure to check out my last post from the fashion show I modeled/designed for! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trashion Tribute.

Just a few photos from last nights Trashion Tribute show. I am wearing an amazing Erika Klein dress made from wallpaper samples. My friend Colleen Curtin is wearing my own design a dress made from newspaper and trash bags. I am thinking about creating some more bags and clutches from newspaper and other recyclable materials to sell on Etsy.. would anyone be interested in purchasing that sort of thing? Thanks for stopping by. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Double take.

I took a ton of photos for today's post. I wore a fun casual look today with my new salmon colored t-shirt from Target and my floral pants from H&M. I had been searching for a top to match these pants for a long time I finally took my pants to the store so I could pair a t-shirt to them. I am glad I found this color t-shirt because it is a perfect refreshing color for the summer! Last night I was in a fashion show benefit for autism. It was such a fun show and I had the privilege of wearing another Lady Button design. I will have photos of what I wore soon hopefully. At the end of this post I can show you my hair and make-up from last night. The stylists over at Stiletto salon in Albany did a fabulous job! I have another fashion show tonight titled the Trashion Tribute show.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain break.

It stopped raining this morning just in time for me to take some photos. Of course the rain was blowing off the trees and I kept getting a little wet. I wore my black hat today to cover my head. I don't feel well today so I decided to wear this comfortable look which includes my striped tunic top from TJ Maxx and my new pink short leggings from H&M. I wore some pink lipstick and a necklace to spice up the look. All together this outfit is comfortable which works well on a rainy day. Thanks new followers and to all who have left me with spectacular comments!
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