Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Week.

Last Monday my goal was comfort and warmth. I wore my red leggings with a white lace tunic and a black long sleeve top. My grey boots added another neutral to the mix and the print scarf tied the look together.

Tuesday for traveling I wore my new oversize American Apparel chiffon top. I love the black and white stripes and the collar detail. I layered two necklaces over the button up and added my black leather boots to the mix. This oversize top is super lightweight and comfortable which makes it perfect for travel.

Lately, I have been obsessed with maxi skirts for the colder weather. This day at home I decided to wear my seafoam color maxi skirt over tights and boots. A black 3/4 sleeve tie shirt kept my arms warm and the purple skirt was a perfect addition of color to match the seafoam.

For Thanksgiving I decided to wear my gold hi-lo dress. Although I forget to take good photos I was able to get a few quick pictures of the dress. Again I buttoned up the shirt all the way to the top and wore a necklace. The color was perfect for the Fall holiday. 

Yesterday I decided to wear a black and white striped dress under my fringe sleeve sweater. The strapless dress went perfectly under the sweater giving it a look as if it were a skirt. The purple scarf added some color to the otherwise monotone look. My H&M purse necklace stood out perfectly under the scarf over the black sweater. I am obsessed with the sleeves on this sweater and I have lately fallen in love with anything striped!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chilly weather!

Monday I decided to wear an off-white chiffon dress with my dark maroon tights. I also wore a mustard color blazer because I absolutely love this color combination. I wore black loafers and a scarf to pull together the look.

This day I wore a black dress with a white and grey floral design. This look is very basic but I was looking for something comfortable to wear around the city running errands. I wore my grey trench coat and black boots. I threw on a pair of purple socks to bring a splash of color to the look.

On Wednesday I went with a print dress. I love the print and the colors incorporated in the print. I wore my grey boots and black basics as well. I love these short grey boots and they matched the grey in the print perfectly.

Thursday I wore a red/orange pleated skirt. A black top and boots went well with the skirt and I wore a silk scarf tied in a french knot around my neck.

Friday I had an interview and I decided to wear a beige sweater dress because it is stylish yet professional. I wore my black sparkle boots to bring some flair to the look. I love this color dress and I can't wait to wear it with some bright color accessories!

Yesterday I wore a pair of gold jeans which have been sitting in my closet since September. I wore a striped turtleneck because it was very cold. A red scarf went perfectly with the gold color.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Fashion.

This day I really wanted to wear my floral dress from H&M. To avoid wearing a jacket I wore a black sweater over the dress and I used a tan braided belt to structure the look. A pair of black tights covered my legs and my pink flats finished the look for a touch of color.

For a day of running errands I decided to wear my jeans. I don't usually wear jeans I prefer tights and a dress. But this day I wanted to go laid back so I wore the denim with a plain tee and a purple paisley scarf. My plaid jacket helped keep me warm on a chilly NYC day.

For traveling I always strive for comfort. And when it is super cold layers are the way to go. This day I wore a black and grey striped dress with a white comfy cardigan on top. Black tights with white knee high socks and boots covered my legs. My favorite part of this look is my new bright pink coat I recently purchased at H&M. The color is my favorite and it fits perfectly. I originally wore my fur headband to keep me warm (bottom lefthand photo) but switched over to my wide brimmed hat when I got home! 

Lastly, a look using my boyfriends new shirt which I bought for him recently. I went to visit him this weekend and quickly stole this flannel shirt to wear with leggings. It was super comfortable and reminded me of him all day! I belted it for some shape and threw on some black basics. Now I know for future reference I can pack less clothing and steal from him to clothe myself for the weekend! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Colder Weather Looks.

I loved this comfortable look I wore last Thursday for a trip home. The shorts are made from a Heat Tech material so they are very comfortable and warm. I then wore a button down white blouse with black trim and my hot pink/magenta tights. This color is my absolute favorite and as you may know by now I am obsessed with colored tights. I then wore my black boots and the look was perfectly comfortable for a bus ride home. Find more chic looks and items at

This weekend I focused on comfort with leggings, sweaters, scarves, and boots. This day I wore a light pink oversize sweater I claimed on Chictopia last winter. With my black leggings, boots, and a houndstooth scarf this look was perfectly chic.

Yesterday, I wore one of my favorite oversize men's sweater. This one is Christian Dior. I found it at Goodwill a few years back and it continues to be one of my favorites. I wore a black jumpsuit from American Apparel underneath (one of my new favorite items) and my black patent leather boots. Of course I had to top off the look with my new wide brimmed hat from forever 21. 

Thanks for stopping by, I apologize for the lack of photos but Hurricane Sandy put a damper on my looks. I stayed indoors for several days and mostly stayed in pajamas and sweats! But I will be back next weekend with another post!

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