Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chilly weather!

Monday I decided to wear an off-white chiffon dress with my dark maroon tights. I also wore a mustard color blazer because I absolutely love this color combination. I wore black loafers and a scarf to pull together the look.

This day I wore a black dress with a white and grey floral design. This look is very basic but I was looking for something comfortable to wear around the city running errands. I wore my grey trench coat and black boots. I threw on a pair of purple socks to bring a splash of color to the look.

On Wednesday I went with a print dress. I love the print and the colors incorporated in the print. I wore my grey boots and black basics as well. I love these short grey boots and they matched the grey in the print perfectly.

Thursday I wore a red/orange pleated skirt. A black top and boots went well with the skirt and I wore a silk scarf tied in a french knot around my neck.

Friday I had an interview and I decided to wear a beige sweater dress because it is stylish yet professional. I wore my black sparkle boots to bring some flair to the look. I love this color dress and I can't wait to wear it with some bright color accessories!

Yesterday I wore a pair of gold jeans which have been sitting in my closet since September. I wore a striped turtleneck because it was very cold. A red scarf went perfectly with the gold color.

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