Sunday, November 23, 2014

Current Le Tote

In my current Le Tote I received a grey printed dress with zipper pocket detail as well as a black tee, and a black midi skirt. Below are photos of the two accessories I received which I loved! 
To get your Le Tote use the link below! 

Le Tote is a wonderful service that lets you rent clothing and accessories for a $50 a month fee. You receive 5 items: 3 garments and 2 accessories per box and you can keep the box for as little or as long as you like. Unlimited boxes each month! If you really like something you can keep it and send the rest of the items back. They will charge your card for the item you kept. So far I have loved everything I have received in my boxes! It is such a fun and unique service. Use my link to set up your account! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hello readers,

It has been several months since I last posted. I am finally ready to start blogging again. I started a new job back in March as a Visual Merchandiser for Sears. It has been a wonderful experience and I am excited to have finally started my career in the fashion industry. Although it may be a slow process starting writing again I am ready to start sharing some inspiration, some outfit of the days, and all things fashion! Unfortunately my job limits me to wearing black and white every day which was the original reason why I stopped posting my looks here on the blog. But I hope to start sharing some of my b+w looks along with other inspiration, DIY, and other style advice.

Coming soon: holiday decor, top holiday style pics, wall art, and much more!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Show: Daniel Mozzes Designs

This past weekend I had the pleasure in modeling in a fashion show for Daniel Mozzes. He creates these amazing elegant dresses. Below are some photos of the designs I wore. To see more of his collection and to contact Daniel visit All photo credits go to the  individual photographers.

More photos on my Instagram @SaraIsabella16.

Friday, February 21, 2014

On trend: prints.

I have recently been attempting to add more prints to my mostly solid wardrobe. I could not help but purchase this Spiderman dress when I saw it on the mannequin at the Forever 21 in Times Square. I just had to have it. I don't own any graphic tees and the comic book print on this dress was just too perfect to pass up. It adds a quirky cool piece to my wardrobe & reminds me just how much I love spiderman.

The next newest addition to my wardrobe is a black and white floral tunic top. I just recently purchased this from Target. I love the print and its long enough to wear over a LBD with a pair of fun colored tights. It buttons up the front and has two chest pockets. Although I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe this perfect floral will work well with the transition into Spring due to the light airy fabric. 

While in NYC for my birthday I stopped by the American Apparel Warehouse store in SOHO. I found this adorable red and blue polka dot blouse for only $12. I love the colors and I can never resist anything that is polka dotted. The blouse features a cute little tie at the neck and perfect colored dots. This top added both print and a little bit of color to my wardrobe. Ticking off two boxes on my wishlist.

After visiting some of my favorite bloggers sites I realized I don't have anything leopard print in my wardrobe. So I took to my favorite online shopping stores and searched for the perfect print item. After searching for a while I came across this top on Amazon. It will work perfectly with high waisted shorts in the spring as well as skirts or leggings in the winter. Now I can finally say I have a leopard print item in my closet. 

Also new to my accessories wardrobe this brand new beautiful solar Seiko watch. I love the bracelet style and the crystals extending from the face to the band. I've never owned a super nice watch so I was
very excited when I had the opportunity to get one at work. Now I finally have the perfect watch to wear on job interviews and to wear to any special occasion I may be attending. 

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Born Pretty Review.

I just recently received this pretty wrist watch Born Pretty. This women’s watch features crystals around the face and a cute little eiffel tower motif on it with a couple kissing. It's super cute and has a Parisian chic feel. It comes in a few different watch band colors and comes in rose gold. To see this watch on the website visit this page.

To see more bracelet watch's and accessories visit the Born Pretty website! Also use the coupon code below for 10% off your order. Just type in SARAJC10 at checkout! 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inspiration: rules to break.

Blog 1.

I recently read an article on StyleCaster titled 50 Fashion Rules to Break. This article inspired me to dig through my wardrobe and put together some unexpected and totally chic looks. To inspire you to break these fashion rules I put together a few looks that can be easily imitated with the items in your wardrobe! Some of my favorite rules to break: mixed prints are too busy, only wear one bold color at a time, and glitzy fabrics like sequins can't be worn during the day. All of these rules are ones I intend to break! Time to pull out my prints, bold colors, and sequin fabrics! Don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram @SaraIsabella16.

Pink & Red.
Pink & Red don't match: oh yes they sure do! Try them this Valentines Day. 

Winter Shorts.
You can't wear shorts in the winter. Try them with tights and a knit sweater and you have a perfect look!

Denim on Denim.
Denim on denim doesn't match. Try two different shades of blue and neutral basics!

Sweatpants can't be worn outside the house. Yes they can! Wear them with a chic blazer and boots or flats!

Check out the full article here: StyleCaster 50 Fashion Rules to Break.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hot Pink & Polka Dots.

During the winter I constantly wear oversize sweaters and leggings. To make this look pop I put on a polka dot dress to add a print to the look. I find myself always wearing solids so I have decided to make it my mission to add different prints and elements to my looks. Also I aim to add more textures and bright colors to my looks in this new year! Here are a few winter-in-to-spring looks to inspire myself and my readers into adding more color and prints into their wardrobes. Of course, I don't mean to necessarily steer away from the black and white looks inspired by my last post!

Brights & Prints 1.

Brights & Prints 2.

Brights & Prints 3.

Brights & Prints 4.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Black & White.

For an easy effortless look mix black and white pieces together. You can never go wrong with a b&w look. You can essentially mix any prints together to create a super chic and trendy look. Put stripes with polka dots or houndstooth and check, any of these prints can be matched together. 

Black and White 1.
Try a little black dress with a printed scarf, tights, and boots! Or put on a white dress to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Tone it down with a black cardigan and a pair of printed tights like these polka dotted ones from H&M. Wear a pair of  tall white socks to add a lighter shade to the look! 

Black & White 2
Black and white was a huge hit on the Spring 2014 runways. B&W crop tops and skirts can be transitioned from Winter to Spring. A pair of printed pants can be worn with a long sleeve black blouse in the winter but transitioned into the Spring with a lightweight loose cotton tee. Ditch the scarf for some trendy jewelry this Spring and swap out flats for a pair of sandals! 

Black & White 3
Essential black and white items for your wardrobe: 
1. Black skirt: flare, bodycon, or pencil style
2. Black & white blouses 
3. Black flats
4. Printed scarves: polka dots, stripes, checks, houndstooth
5. Statement cardigan: black and white print or knit
6. Statement piece: funky printed sweater, blouse, dress, or pants
7. Little black dress: every girl needs one!
8. Black bag: you can't go wrong with this
9. Lightweight black & white tees
10. Black blazer: can be worn with any combo of b&w looks

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Style Resolutions.

 Mustard color tunic by Forever 21 paired with a striped chunky cardigan from Target and all black
accessories make for an easy and effortless warm look. Boots from Burlington Coat Factory. 

Happy New Year! My best friend Lydia and I both wore dresses from Forever 21 for the
occasion. My boots from Payless Shoes. Nothing is more chic and perfect for a dressy 
night out than a black dress. Sequins and a sheer sleeve both make perfect NYE styles. 

 For an absolutely freezing day I wore a pink long sleeve dress from Forever 21. I wore a black
bodysuit from American Apparel underneath for added warmth. This hot pink dress was perfect
for adding some color to a dreary freezing cold day. Plus this look was easily put together. 
I absolutely love my brand new brocade print dress from Forever 21. I wore it to work with a 
black cardigan from Target and an ivory colored scarf. Worn with maroon tights for an added 
color. My basic black boots finished off this sophisticated and put together look. 

New Year Style Resolutions & Goals:
1. Only wear what you truly like
2. Purchase quality over quantity
3. Accessorize more
4. Don't stress over an outfit
5. Try new looks
6. Don't overwear the same items
7. Be bold: mix and match more
8. Wear something you haven't in a while
9. Donate clothes that haven't been worn in a while
10. Add more color to your looks: prints & solids 

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