Saturday, January 4, 2014

Style Resolutions.

 Mustard color tunic by Forever 21 paired with a striped chunky cardigan from Target and all black
accessories make for an easy and effortless warm look. Boots from Burlington Coat Factory. 

Happy New Year! My best friend Lydia and I both wore dresses from Forever 21 for the
occasion. My boots from Payless Shoes. Nothing is more chic and perfect for a dressy 
night out than a black dress. Sequins and a sheer sleeve both make perfect NYE styles. 

 For an absolutely freezing day I wore a pink long sleeve dress from Forever 21. I wore a black
bodysuit from American Apparel underneath for added warmth. This hot pink dress was perfect
for adding some color to a dreary freezing cold day. Plus this look was easily put together. 
I absolutely love my brand new brocade print dress from Forever 21. I wore it to work with a 
black cardigan from Target and an ivory colored scarf. Worn with maroon tights for an added 
color. My basic black boots finished off this sophisticated and put together look. 

New Year Style Resolutions & Goals:
1. Only wear what you truly like
2. Purchase quality over quantity
3. Accessorize more
4. Don't stress over an outfit
5. Try new looks
6. Don't overwear the same items
7. Be bold: mix and match more
8. Wear something you haven't in a while
9. Donate clothes that haven't been worn in a while
10. Add more color to your looks: prints & solids 

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