Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's halloween so I figured I would remember an old photo shoot I had with my friend Colleen.

We took these pictures a few summers ago in the cemetary around the corner from my house!

It is probably my favorite shoot I have every done and the pictures came out great.
Here are a few more of my favorites.

Happy Halloween! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Today I wore my new sweater. It is basically my favorite color! It looks more raspberry than it looks like in the above pictures. I bought the sweater from forever 21 and the necklace is a gift from a friend! Well I am home and I don't have much to say but have a great rest of your friday! Have a fantastic Halloween! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gris et noir.

Today I wore this new purple coat I bought. I really liked it in the store but I was second guessing it when I brought it back to my room. But today I wore it with a black dress and grey tights. I LOVE my new grey tights. They are a much better alternative then wearing black tights all the time. Of course black tights will always be a classic, but I decided to try wearing grey and navy blue tights. as well The navy I am still trying to find! Colored tights are always fun but they are also always so limited as to what you can wear them with. Thats why having grey, black, and navy blue thrown into the mix are fun too.

So let this be a lesson that whenever you are second guessing something you have purchased do not be afraid to try it out! Give it a shot. There are endless ways to make any garment fit into your wardrobe. So as Tim Gunn would say "make it work". :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I really dislike the rain. I might even almost hate it. Walking around campus in the rain is one thing I will never look forward to. So since it is raining and I can only take limited pictures in my dorm room I decided to explore umbrella's and rain boots. I use a basic black umbrella that I bought at Target.

Of course you can buy umbrella's almost anywhere but the above umbrella is the one I have it is small and compact, it fits into a tiny pouch that is easy to carry. It was $16.99, but umbrellas come in a variety of colors at many different prices. I chose a simple black umbrella because frankly it matches with everything!

Recently, my grandma bought me a pair of rain boots! They are my favorite pattern hounds tooth and I absolutely love them! They are basic rubber rain boots. I have started to see these boots everywhere in all colors, patterns, and styles.

I would suggest getting your hands on an umbrella and some rain boots if you are a college student. Nothing is worse than getting wet! So go out and buy yourself some rubber boots and an umbrella, it is really worth the buy. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I won't lie, my keds are fake. But who cares they serve the same purpose! They are cute, comfortable, and they keep my feet warm! I have worn my pair with dresses, skirts, and of course jeans. They look perfect with a pair of relaxed worn in jeans. They give your outfit a feel as if you are always on the go. They have ked's in a variety of colors and at a variety of price ranges. I bought my keds at Payless. They were very inexpensive and just as cute as the real ones. I will do anything to save a dime! Right now my ked's are still really white but I can't wait til they have that 'worn in' look after a couple of wears. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Leggings are NOT pants.

Yes it is true. I am against the typical college attire of leggings as pants. I mean.. nobody wants to see your privates. So try buying a shirt/dress that covers your butt. Yes it is okay to wear a shirt and leggings if the shirt is a tunic or is long enough to cover your "stuff". Maybe leggings were cool in the 80's and 90's but its the 21st century, we have clothing that is more suitable and more flattering. I don't see whats wrong with wearing jeans or a dress. Maybe I am weird for thinking this but in my personal opinion it is the most unflattering attire you can wear. It might be comfortable but cute.. not at all. I came across this site a while ago when I was looking to see what other people thought. Tights are not pants. Thank you for your time. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dorm Living.

All of the above pictures are of clever little tricks I used to decorate my dorm room.
The first picture shows a poster I bought at a poster sale at my school. I used my own pictures as a border for the poster. Also since I can not damage the walls I used poster puddy to hang up the pictures/poster.
The second picture shows another poster I bought at the sale and then the pink squares are NOT post-its but text book cover material. I discovered this one day when I was in Staples. I figured since it comes off of text books cleanly it must come off the walls cleanly! So once I got to school I tested it out and it worked out perfectly. It is awesome because you can cut it into whatever shapes you want and they come in all sorts of colors and patterns.
The third picture shows my hats for the winter. I didn't have anywhere to put them so I figured hey i'll hang them up! So have an empty wall and some hats? Hang them up! It looks cute.
Have a great week! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My dear friend Emily wore buffalo check today. I thought this trend was too good to be true. But when I saw it on her all I could think was wow. It is such a cute trend. When done tastefully of course! And she definitely did. It was so chic and worn perfectly. She bought her shirt at AE for $40. But you can find them in a variety of stores at varying prices. Well, they are here spending the night so I will get back to that. But I thought I would share what I think is a cute trend for the fall/winter season. Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So today was a pretty crazy day. I had classes then my grandparents picked me up from school so I could go home for the night! I am wicked tired so this will be quite short. I promise more out of tomorrow's post. I got home and hung out with the boyfriend! Then saw a TON of my friends at my high school to see the play Harvey. All I can say is that they did an amazing job and it was really fun. But I am going to go watch Godzilla with my boyfriend, brother, and his girlfriend. :) GOODNIGHT!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salvation Army

Today I visited the Salvation Army and bought this snazzy belt for $2.15. What a great price for a cute little belt. I've been looking for a small belt to fit around my waist! The Salvation Army had so many great things. Of course you have to rummage through a lot. And some of the stuff is UGLY. But once in a while you find some really cute stuff. Plus if you are going to go to the salvation army and you are petite and tiny try looking through the kids stuff. I bought a child's suit coat or blazer at Goodwill which is much like Salvation Army. Thrift stores are always fun to go to. They have the BEST selection of unique jewelry and accessories. :)

Also today, I wore light green almost pea green tights. Colored tights are always a fun trend to wear with a basic white or black dress. Or even with a pattern dress! Its an easy accessory to dress up any outfit!

Have a great friday! :)

Camera & Cat

Unfortunatly, my camera broke. Well it isn't totally shot but it pretty much is. I can't wait to get my new camera for Christmas. I hope! If I don't get a camera I will most def. buy one after Christmas. I have class soon so I am going to leave you with a picture of me with my cat Colleen. I miss her very much!

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