Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salvation Army

Today I visited the Salvation Army and bought this snazzy belt for $2.15. What a great price for a cute little belt. I've been looking for a small belt to fit around my waist! The Salvation Army had so many great things. Of course you have to rummage through a lot. And some of the stuff is UGLY. But once in a while you find some really cute stuff. Plus if you are going to go to the salvation army and you are petite and tiny try looking through the kids stuff. I bought a child's suit coat or blazer at Goodwill which is much like Salvation Army. Thrift stores are always fun to go to. They have the BEST selection of unique jewelry and accessories. :)

Also today, I wore light green almost pea green tights. Colored tights are always a fun trend to wear with a basic white or black dress. Or even with a pattern dress! Its an easy accessory to dress up any outfit!

Have a great friday! :)

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