Monday, May 31, 2010

I can't believe it.

I didn't post anything yesterday. That majorly disappoints me but I think I had a fairly valid excuse. I really wish I was able to share with you the outfit that I wore to my family party. But I got sap on it and it was all sticky and really annoying to wear so I had to change. Plus it was definitely starting to feel like I needed to wear shorts when I was flying kites with my boyfriend, brother, and Emily. But now I am over that and I would like to move on to today. On this beautiful Memorial Day I decided to wear a patriotic red, white, and blue look. I chose to wear a nice pair of shorts with a tunic navy blue top. I also found this scarf with flags on it which I wore in honor of memorial day. And of course I wore my white sneakers for a more playful look! I am heading to Six Flags tomorrow for a nice road trip with my brother. I also have to work tomorrow night so I won't have much time to take pictures and post them. I will certainly do my best! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Electric City.

These photos are from the Electric City Couture Fashion show at Proctors Theatre in Albany. I modeled in the show for Joleen Button and Katie Pray. It was so much fun being able to walk to the runway. It makes me want to be a real model. Too bad I am not tall enough! I have watched enough episodes of America's Next Top Model, read enough magazines, and watched enough fashion shows online to know what I am doing. I have always had fun taking photos but there is nothing as wonderful as being on a runway! I always enjoyed acting in high school and I think combining my loves of theatre and fashion make runway shows so special to me! Photo credits go to Robin Alexandria Kettner-Zebrowsk, William Leblanc, and Erika Klein. Thank you for taking these photos! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Country girl.

When I first tried this dress on all my mom did was laugh! That might have been because I did a little dance like a cowgirl, but I really like this dress. It is great for all seasons because the color is very versatile. It is especially nice in the summer because it can be worn as strapless or with the spaghetti straps which is how I wore it today under my sweater. I also am in love with my new straw hat its great because it shields my eyes from the sun and it has a cute black ribbon and rhinestone detail on it. Overall I really liked this look. Unfortunately I spent most of my day not wearing this because I changed into work clothes to do some yard work and then later on tonight I went to a bonfire at my friends house so I changed in to some pants to stay warm and bug free! But it was great while it lasted. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just a quick post tonight. I wore this lovely pink dress and some intense silver jewelry to hang out with my family and my friend Sarah! Overall had a great day. I love the edgy necklace with the feminine pink dress. I also wore my black sandals which seem to be my biggest summer staple. I am always running out of the house with my black sandals or my white ones. Yes I do have them in two colors! There is something so great about a basic summer sandal that goes with every outfit you own. They are nice to throw on and they can be dressed up and down. I want to break out my summer wedges but I think wearing them around my house/yard just doesn't give them any justice! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Purple & Gold.

I rarely wear gold. I am definitely more of a silver girl but some days I just am really in to gold. Today I really wanted to wear my gold belt which I purchased at the Salvation Army in Oneonta where I go to school. I was very pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across this belt because it fits me perfectly. It went well with the purple skirt I wore today and a white tank top to stay cool. It was definitely the hottest day so far. I hope it gets a tad cooler because it was just way too hot. I got to see a few of my high school friends today which was really very nice! I hope you all had a great day! :)


I now have a Twitter. If you are really in to Twitter please follow me I will give updates and links to my blog posts. I have been wanting to get a twitter for a while now because a few of my friends have them. So I took the plunge and finally got one. Feel free to follow me.. :)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing better than this.

It was such a gorgeous day today! I spent the day with my wonderful boyfriend just lounging around. I love summer. Of course I chose something simple to wear again but it worked! I threw on my striped white and orange top and a new pair of shorts. The magic of these shorts just like yesterdays is that they make my legs look super long. I want to start wearing some dresses. Hopefully tomorrow i'll pull out a dress that I really wanna wear! To catch you up on my life a little I am not doing too much. I am going to start working in June and that will keep me very busy. I also hope to start hanging out with my friends some more and going out and doing stuff. I got my grades back today and I am on the Deans List again! Hope you had a great day! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jake likes hot pink.

Round two of my Jake Jeans. I love these jean shorts they may be a little on the short side but that helps make my legs look super long! I love the wash and the pockets are pretty cool! I paired them with a few simple basics for an easy Monday look. I wore a black tank top and my pink sneakers with a pink necklace that my friend Alex Biermann made for me! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love love love it.

I love the summer! It makes me so happy but I am rarely on my computer which makes it very difficult to do my posts! But anyway, I wore this green skirt for the second time. I love this skirt because it is so bright and nice for summer! I also through on my Paris tunic and tucked it in. Of course I didn't wear more accessories like I had hoped but whatcha gonna do! I got to work on that. Well I hope everyone is doing well! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Round two.

This is what I wore today I didn't do much but it was a pretty good day none the less. I spent the majority of my day at home and then went out to dinner with my folks before returning home to sit by a fire. I love this H&M dress because you can throw it on and be ready to head out the door. I want to start wearing more accessories this summer but I always say that and it never happens! Well hope you had a great day! :)

Sunny Days.

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. I did take some photos so I am going to do two posts today. My first post is what I wore yesterday and what my hair/makeup looked like at the Electric City Couture Fashion show in Albany last night. It was a lot of fun but it kept me very busy and I did not do a post! My bad. Before the show yesterday I wore my black and white polka dot romper and my white sandals. It was very comfortable and perfect for the sunny hot weather. Last night at the show I got to wear a 1950's inspired bathing suit and I also unexpectedly got to model for another designer which was a ton of fun! I want to model more often! :)

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