Monday, May 31, 2010

I can't believe it.

I didn't post anything yesterday. That majorly disappoints me but I think I had a fairly valid excuse. I really wish I was able to share with you the outfit that I wore to my family party. But I got sap on it and it was all sticky and really annoying to wear so I had to change. Plus it was definitely starting to feel like I needed to wear shorts when I was flying kites with my boyfriend, brother, and Emily. But now I am over that and I would like to move on to today. On this beautiful Memorial Day I decided to wear a patriotic red, white, and blue look. I chose to wear a nice pair of shorts with a tunic navy blue top. I also found this scarf with flags on it which I wore in honor of memorial day. And of course I wore my white sneakers for a more playful look! I am heading to Six Flags tomorrow for a nice road trip with my brother. I also have to work tomorrow night so I won't have much time to take pictures and post them. I will certainly do my best! :)


  1. cute! i hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  2. cute scarf! I love the crazy mix of colours :)

  3. Love the look, you are ready for the 4th of July and its only June!! LOL! Love the "playful look" of your sneaks! A++


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