Sunday, May 16, 2010

Study Break.

Thanks so much to Alex over at Inside the Mind of Alex for sending me the stylish blogger award. I will get to that post as soon as I am home and done with finals. For today I decided to take a quick break from studying to post my outfit for today. I decided to wear this purple top which you may recognize from a previous post. I wore it with a pair of black shorts with an eyelet detail around the hem. I love this outfit because its perfect for a warm windy day! Well I go home in 3 days and I am all packed so that I can focus on my studying! I have my two last finals this week Tues. morning and Wed. morning. I will go home immediately after I take my History final on Wed. Tues is my economics final which I am dreading because I am afraid that I will not do so good. Well now I stressed myself out and I need to get back to studying! Have a great day! :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit. I love those shorts and the top is so cool too.

  2. Cute shorts!!!!


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