Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bright blue brand new.

Today I wore a blue shirt which I absolutely love. I wore it with a pair of light colored shorts and my silver strappy sandals. I love this look because it reminds me of a summer grecian sort of feel. It rained earlier today but I think it is going to be really nice out for the remainder of the day. This morning I got my economics test back and I got a 100! I am so happy. I am also really happy that school is almost out and I am in two upcoming fashion shows that I am totally excited about. Also, I am getting a few pairs of jeans from Jake Jeans a wonderful jean company that made my favorite tie-dye jeans. My last exciting thing is that I am now a mark representative. Mark is a branch of the Avon company which sells make-up and other goodies! Please check out my store and check out what I have to offer. Anything you order will be shipped directly to you! :)

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  1. This shirt is really pretty! The shiny blue looks great!Good luck with your shop and congrats for your good test result! :)


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