Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Your vote counts.

Hello to all my lovely readers. This post is going to be dedicated to the contest I am in. I am in second place and need as many votes as possible so that I can go to NYC for a weekend. It would mean so much to me if you would vote. All you need to do is become a fan of Hue on facebook and by clicking the link here you will be asked to like Hue and then a vote will be placed for me! You have probably seen the dress I am wearing in previous posts. It is one of my summer favorites and was perfect for the hot temperatures today. Again please vote for me. Voting ends September 5th so please help push me up to first! Vote Vote Vote! :)

Also I hit 50 followers and I am super excited!

Monday, August 30, 2010


First off I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on my outfit post yesterday. I really appreciate it. Now on to today's look. I recently purchased this striped chambray ruffled dress at TJ Maxx. Since it was very warm and sunny out today I was given the chance to wear the dress by itself. When I purchased the dress I thought that I was going to have to layer it for the winter because it was going to be too cold. It was nice being able to throw it on and wear it alone. I layered a few necklaces for a little flair and wore my handmade button earrings! I am quite sick and I have tons of homework so I must get going. Please vote for me in the Hue Broadway on Broadway contest. All you need to do is be a Facebook user. They will ask you to like Hue (a tights/leggings brand) and then you will automatically vote for me as long as you follow the link from this page. You can vote for me here. I am in third and if I move up to first I will win a trip to NYC!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Head Scarf.

I have been learning different ways to tie scarves which I think will come in very handy this winter. Today I decided to wear a head scarf because I think it looks pretty cool and also because my hair was an unseemly mess. I love the mix of light pink and army green. I mixed those colors today by wearing a forest green top from Forever 21 and my black bloomer Tracy Feith shorts from Target. I mixed in light pink with a beaded necklace and pink head scarf. Today was a much needed homework day. I have finished up some reading but still will need to read some more later for my Costume History class. Thanks to everyone for reading. A new sister blog is in the works so I will keep you informed on its happenings. Also remember to visit my twitter, fb page, etc. And please vote for me here for the Hue Broadway on Broadway contest! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Floral with a side of sun.

It is finally sunny and warm in Oneonta. It is a large feat seeing as it is always so chilly here! Today I wore my floral leggings from H&M, a grey dress from Target, and a black sweater! I also through on two matching beaded necklaces in pink and blue. It was a casual look and I had fun taking photos! I accidentally ripped a whole in the leggings which makes me very upset. I ended up ditching them later on in the day anyway because it was way too warm out. Overall it was a great Saturday and tomorrow will be a homework day which will be very boring. Be sure to take a look at the new links under my blog header! Also be sure to vote for me in the Hue Broadway on Broadway contest! You can vote here! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Deep Purple.

Hello to all my great readers. I made a few changes on the blog today including new links below my header that will bring you to my contact page, twitter, facebook, and much more! Today I wore a deep purple dress and long black sweater. The dress is from Forever 21 and the sweater thrifted. I loved this look because it was perfect for todays weather. It was sunny but still a bit chilly. Please vote for me in the Hue Broadway on Broadway contest! You can vote here. Thanks for reading! :)

Hue Leggings Contest.

I have entered the Hue Leggings Broadway on Broadway contest. Basically I need you to vote for me so I can win a trip to NYC for a weekend in September. It sounds like such a great opportunity for a blogger like me! To vote for me please visit the site here. Thanks very much! A regular outfit post will be posted later! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

News flash.

News flash.. school stinks. The only reason I say that is because of the work. All I ever need to do is read.. read.. and more reading. I found a new place to take photos today. It is right on campus and only a short distance from my room. Today I had a few issues because my camera wouldn't stay up and my hair was a total mess because of the wind. I hope to find some better places along the trail to take my photos. I'm sure with a little snooping around I can find some great spots. I wore a new striped top today from TJ Maxx as well as new jeans from H&M. I never realized how amazing the jeans from H&M are. They are so comfortable and they were only $10. Well I hope everyone had a great day! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Common room.

I took my photos today in our cute little common room. Of course it isn't quite put together yet and we are making improvements every day! Today I wore my new gray shirt which was a total steal at TJ Maxx for only three dollars and a black sweater with my rolled up jeans from Delia's. I loved this look because it was quite relaxed and comfortable. I am having tons of fun here at school with my roommates this year! As I am typing this we are actually watching a movie therefore I think i'll go! Hope everyone had a great day. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the park.

Ben and I took a bus ride into Oneonta today and we went to this cute little park that I had been to before. I decided to take my photos there to keep on with my outside photos theme from home. I decided to just snap a few because I didn't want to keep him waiting. Also it was very windy which made for some bad hair shots. It is getting a little bit warmer and a little bit brighter here which is nice. I came to the realization that it is going to be quite hard to take photos in my room. For now I will be able to make it work as Tim Gunn would say. Today I wore my tie-dye Jake Jean's as well as a plain white t-shirt from Target and a black sweater also from Target. I threw on some black flats and my pink beaded necklace for a little color. I am hoping in the next few days with the warm weather and sun I can wear some more spectacular looks! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back at school.

I forgot to post this yesterday but... I am back at school and it is very difficult finding a good place to take blog photos! You are going to have to bare with me the next few days! Today in the very cold oneonta weather I wore my mixed colored roses shirt and a plain pair of jeans. When the weather gets better I will be wearing some of my new clothes! Stay tuned for another post later in the day! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Packing for college is not a pleasant thing. I have way too many clothes, shoes, and accessories. I really should cut back. I can't help that I just really love my stuff! Well I am off to school tomorrow and it will most likely be pouring rain so who knows if i'll get the chance to take photos! I hope you had a great day! :)

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