Monday, August 30, 2010


First off I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on my outfit post yesterday. I really appreciate it. Now on to today's look. I recently purchased this striped chambray ruffled dress at TJ Maxx. Since it was very warm and sunny out today I was given the chance to wear the dress by itself. When I purchased the dress I thought that I was going to have to layer it for the winter because it was going to be too cold. It was nice being able to throw it on and wear it alone. I layered a few necklaces for a little flair and wore my handmade button earrings! I am quite sick and I have tons of homework so I must get going. Please vote for me in the Hue Broadway on Broadway contest. All you need to do is be a Facebook user. They will ask you to like Hue (a tights/leggings brand) and then you will automatically vote for me as long as you follow the link from this page. You can vote for me here. I am in third and if I move up to first I will win a trip to NYC!


  1. great blog!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  2. ooooh this dress is adorable :D

  3. This is just so cute. I can see how it could be worked for winter too. Great buy :)


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