Monday, August 2, 2010

Black & Brown.

Ladies, mix your blacks and browns. Who cares! I never understood that rule you should beable to mix any colors you wish. I love strange and odd color combinations and even though black and brown are quite neutral colors I love breaking the rules by having them together. I really liked this look today because with my hair up the look took a classic turn and then the tucked in t-shirt with the long sweater went together so well. Though I was a little on the hot side at some times today I am glad I wore a sweater and shorts. I felt effortlessly put together all day. I added my matching necklace and shoes for a more casual feel.

Today I went out for lunch and mini golfing which was very fun. I also went out later on in the day with my brother and his girlfriend where I watched them choose fishing poles to buy! Sounds like a blast huh?

I want to thank everyone from all around the globe for reading my blog. It means so much to me. I have ha several people comment and send me messages and it never gets old. I feel so loved having such a fabulous reader base! :)

My father found it really funny hopping into my photo at the very last second. Thanks a lot dad!


  1. a new interesting fashion blog
    visit pleace! Gracias!

  2. i love mixing browns and black, but i used to be against it!! also your dad is hilarious.. lol


  3. it must be nice to have hilarious dad like yours.. hahahahaha
    great outfit too...:)

  4. funny dad :)

    i love those pics btw.. love the outfit too :)

    happy blogging..

  5. A good color combo, tho the shorts are either too short or the sweater is too long by just a fwew inches, it makes you look a little top-heavy, but the main outfit is well presented! Also, I hate to rag on your fashion, but I have never found gladiators to be very stylish or pretty. The only plus I can say to yours is at least they're not the ones that climb half way up your leg! But overall, you've put together another great ensemble!
    You're so lucky to have a good humored Dad!!! :-)

  6. love the shoes!
    and i love mixing black and brown.
    p.s. lol, you dad is crazy hilarious!


I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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