Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mixed dots.

I love mixing prints I decided to incorporate that into my outfit today. I wore my polka dotted romper with a purple sweater along with a printed silk scarf. I love these scarves for the summer and I thought it went well with the classic polka dots. The great thing about a romper is that it is very comfortable and perfect for a party because you can run around and sit on the ground without flashing anyone like you may wearing a dress! On a side note sorry for not posting today but I had no time at all! Back to a normal routine this week before I leave for camping next Monday. Anyways, I am trying to get a head start on my cosmetic sales so if you need some new make-up or want to try something new visit my mark store at There are a ton of great products for amazing prices. Plus, you can get them shipped right to your house! :)


  1. just discovered your blog... and I like it.. :)

  2. cute romper! (: love it w/ the purple cardi !

  3. Dots are awesome and once again you have the most awesome selection of color combos! Though I'm just a nut for purples, but still the oitfit looks great!


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