Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last day.

I leave for camp tomorrow! I think my mother brought her tiny net book with her. If so, I may be able to post once this week. Also I am stopping home quick Friday so I might be able to share some photos then. Please come back to read when I get back. I am really excited to get up to camp tomorrow and we will be leaving as soon as possible tomorrow morning!

As for todays look I wore a dress that you may have seen in a post a few weeks ago. I love this dress because of the fit and pattern. The colors in it are wonderful and I can put it on and go on a hot summer day like today. It has comfy straps and a great neckline! I can't say enough great things about this dress. I took many photos today but I decided on just a few. Enjoy! Have a good week everyone! Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Very cute dress and I love the sandals!

  2. That is a nice dress and the color goes perfect with your hair! Have a good time camping!


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