Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First off thank you for all the great comments! And for coming back to read after my break away from the blog for vacation! I really appreciate it. I recently got the exciting new that I will be modeling Halloween Costumes in the upcoming fashion show I will be in on September 17th! I am also modeling accessories for Joleen Button. I am very excited for the show I am even coming back from school to do it. Modeling is such a great and fun job!

On to today, I wore my fabulous new leather skirt. I purchased the skirt on sale at Forever 21 and I am so glad I did! Some people weren't so fond of my purchase but I am very glad I bought it! I have been wanting a leather skirt for the longest time. I love the idea of mixing feminine with edgy and this skirt was the perfect way to do so.

This is another piece in my wardrobe I am super excited to bring into the fall. With some tights and some layers this skirt will be a good transition piece. The great thing about buying summer-y items is that so many pieces are perfect for the fall/winter months. With the layering of tights, sweaters, jackets, hats, and scarves a jazzed up tank top and many other items can go a long way.

For the warm day today I paired my leather skirt with a pink top layered over a plain white tank. I also just tucked in the front of my tank top into my skirt so that the tunic length top would be longer in the back. This gave the top a great cascading shape at my hips! With some black sandals and black beads the look came together. I can't wait to wear this skirt again. :)


  1. As can probably be expected, I'm not a fan of leather, however, I must say you did an excellent job of pairing it up! What next? you riding a Harley? ;-)

  2. I think this skirt looks amazing. Almost looks like the Lambskin Leather Side lace skirt from I can only imagine with this skirt looking amazing, how you might fare with leather pants, or if you have given any other leather garment a thought?


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