Thursday, March 31, 2011


I haven't worn these argyle tights in forever! I love patterned tights or really any tights actually. I prefer to wear a dress and tights over jeans any day. Although I do have some jeans that I really do enjoy wearing I always feel more confident wearing a dress. I wore my old argyle tights today with my pink ruffle dress. I got this dress for a steal at Goodwill a few months ago and have worn it a few times since. I also wore my grey cardigan which has a black ruffle at the hem. I wore a white scarf to balance the bit of white in the tights. Although this look is pretty plain color wise it is perfect for a dull morning with snow falling! Thanks new followers! And thanks for reading. :)

(Outfit details: Dress- Thrifted, Cardigan- Forever 21, Boots- Report)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello, thanks for stopping by! I only had the time to take a few quick photos this morning. As I was setting up someone was walking through the section I was in and kept stopping so I quickly packed up and went to the other side of the library when all of a sudden he was there again. I finished taking these four photos and left. I wore a casual look today with my favorite pair of jeans and my grey boots. I also wore a mix of colors on top with a purple t-shirt under a green cardigan. I also wore my favorite multi-colored floral scarf! Some people are against mixing colors together they believe that you can have one color paired with a neutral such as black, white, grey, or brown. I am a strong believer in mixing my colors. For example today I wore a purple top with a green cardigan. Thank you to all my new followers! :)

(Outfit details: Jeans- H&M, Boots- Macys, 
Top & Scarf- Target, Cardigan- Thrifted)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tons and tons.

I somehow ended up taking a ton of photos today. I decided to wake up very early and head to the library to take photos before it got crowded for the day. I don't mind waking up early I am always most productive in the morning. Once I am up and dressed and ready for the day I can get so much done. I prefer to get up early and do work than to stay up super late at night. 

(Outfit details: Dress- H&M, Cardigan- Target, 
Scarf- Unknown, Boots- Report)

I wore a dress that I have had for a while. It is from H&M and features a black and white star print material. I love this dress because it is form fitting. I love that it has an attached vest which helps give it shape and some visual interest rather than a plain dress. I also love that the bottom portion of the dress is a bit fuller than my other summer dresses. The length is perfect and I can match the dress with a variety of different colors. Today I decided on wearing my mustard cardigan and a red scarf. I love this mix of red and gold. Although I don't wear this dress as often as I would like I hope to start wearing it more this summer and once the weather warms up. Thank you for reading and to all my new followers! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello lovely readers! I wore a longer black dress today with my bright green tights. I understand that they look blue in the photos but to me they are bright green color in person. I did receive some strange looks because my legs did pop while walking around campus. I guess students here aren't used to my crazy tight selection. I kept the rest of my look neutral by pairing my grey animal print cardigan and a wrap around polka dot belt! I love this simple mix of patterns with the print cardigan and polka dot belt. I also wore my black report boots. Thank you for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Boots- Report, Tights- Target (old), 
Cardigan- Forever 21, Black dress- Old Navy)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I promise to do as many full posts as I can this week! Last week was terrible I was so busy I had absolutely no time to take photos and I am not a fan of doing filler posts. I have less tests and school work this week. I am sure I will be busy because we are getting closer to the fashion show but I have less meetings than last week. Thank you for following and reading! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Black & Blue.

I wore my bright blue fringe trim top today. I love this top besides it being a little on the large side I can easily wear a sweater over it to cover up the awkward large part around my arm. The color of this top is one of my favorites with its bright gem tone blue. I love that there is fringe around the entire front and back portion of this top. I wore my favorite comfortable jeans and my black boots as well. I will hopefully be back next week with more exciting outfit choices. I am hoping the weather warms up and I won't have as many meetings to run to around campus. I actually chose a dress and bright colored tights to wear today but as I was putting the tights on they decided to split right down the front and sadly I had to toss them in the trash! I quickly chose this outfit because I realized it was only 16 degrees outside and I didn't want to completely freeze! Thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Top- Forever 21, Jeans and Necklace- H&M, 
Boots- Report, Cardigan- Target)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My life to too hectic to handle right now. I have a list of several things I need to get done today. I can't wait until tomorrow when this week is over. Wore a pair of Jake Jeans today. I love the dark wash of these jeans and the stitching detail around the pockets. I paired the jeans with a purple floral top for a comfortable look for another day of running errands around campus. Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My bad!

I am very sorry for my absence! I have had such a busy week that I have absolutely no time to take photos or post. I took one quick photo today just a close up shot so that I had something to post besides just text! I am preparing for our colleges Spring Fashion Show and as the set designer I am busier than I have ever been! I probably won't have time to post tomorrow but feel free to check up on my last few posts if you haven't had the chance! Thanks for staying with me while I have not been posting! I noticed that I am up to 190 followers, so close to 200! I have been checking in on new comments and followers and I just want to say thanks! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today I wore on of my new favorite dresses which I recently purchased at H&M and have only previously wore once before. The dress which features many shades of pink and as well as tan has a fun layered feel. I also wore a cream colored beaded necklace and some black basics to show off the unique dress. I am home for the weekend and have been quite busy so I can't say much more but I hope everyone is doing great! Thanks for reading. :)

(Outfit details: Dress- H&M, Tights & Cardigan- Target,
Necklace- Grandma's, Boots- Report)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Leopard.

Hello all! This is my new skirt which I recently purchased on sale at Modcloth. This MinkPink skirt was on super sale for $18 from its original $60. I have been looking for something leopard print for a while now. At first I had my mind set on a pair of flats in the print. After browsing through many stores I could not find a pair that I liked. I then decided to a skirt and when I stumbled across this one on sale at Modcloth I knew it was mine. The print which is printed on to a white background is much lighter than an original leopard print which is generally a darker color. I love that I can wear it high waisted and that it came with its own tie belt. As an added bonus it even has pockets which add some great detail! Today I wore it with my fringe sweater from Forever 21 and a red scarf but I can't wait to wear it with a plain top or tank on summer days! :)

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