Friday, March 25, 2011

Black & Blue.

I wore my bright blue fringe trim top today. I love this top besides it being a little on the large side I can easily wear a sweater over it to cover up the awkward large part around my arm. The color of this top is one of my favorites with its bright gem tone blue. I love that there is fringe around the entire front and back portion of this top. I wore my favorite comfortable jeans and my black boots as well. I will hopefully be back next week with more exciting outfit choices. I am hoping the weather warms up and I won't have as many meetings to run to around campus. I actually chose a dress and bright colored tights to wear today but as I was putting the tights on they decided to split right down the front and sadly I had to toss them in the trash! I quickly chose this outfit because I realized it was only 16 degrees outside and I didn't want to completely freeze! Thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Top- Forever 21, Jeans and Necklace- H&M, 
Boots- Report, Cardigan- Target)


  1. Hey Sara. I love love love this top. the blue is amazing, but i just hate that the weather is so cold. you must come to Jamaica with me next week and soak up the sun. lol. xoxo

    Please swing by and check out my picks for FASH FAVE and FASH FAIL of the week.

  2. Lovely color, suits you well!


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