Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There is nothing like the urge to wear spring clothes when it is still freezing outside. Every year I have the urge to start wearing spring clothes such as cute flats, spring dresses, and light jackets. Of course it will probably be another month before all the snow melts and another two months before it is realistically warm enough to wear those items. Today I did my best to channel Spring by wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I wore tights under my shorts to make the outfit temperature appropriate. I also wore a Paris t-shirt and a purple short sleeve cardigan. Thank you for the wonderful feedback! :)

(Outfit details: T-shirt- Walmart, Cardigan- Worthington, 
Shorts- I Heart Ronson, Boots- Report)


  1. hi isabella! lol, everyone's anxious for spring, but i still like winter :) you look great in purple, and i love pairing tights with shorts :D

    Beneath the Glass

  2. Your hair looks lovely on these photos! cute outfit! :)


  3. You look so cute and your outfits looks really comfy and nice :)

  4. Those shorts are so great! I love them. Looks like a nice, comfy outfit (:

  5. you are so gorgeous!! i love your jean shorts and the way they are cuffed. haha and i do the same thing - if i'm really wanting to wear springy clothes, i just wear them under lots of coats/sweaters when i'm outdoors!

  6. gorgeous outfit! i look forward to your posts because you always have such amazing outfits and a sense of style! i love the i heart ronson shorts!

  7. Hello beautiful!! Im new here!! <3 looking forward to your future posts <3


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