Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Story of my life.

Went to the library bright and early this morning to take photos and I found my usual spot that has the good lighting. There was not single sole on that side of the 3rd floor. I snapped my first photo and then someone came in and sat right next to me. Out of all the possible places to sit they had to go right next to me. I quickly packed up and left and didn't have time the rest of the day to take photos. At least I can share with you the one photo. Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. wow, love it :))

    LOVE minnja

  2. Awww sorry about that girl! It always stinks when strangers pass by and ruin your outfit pics!

    But your cardigan is super cute! I love the lace detailing!

  3. Well at least the only picture you took looks fab :) You look great!


  4. i HATE it when theres so much space around...but someone chooses the spot RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! LOL!

    But at least you were able to get one GREAT photo out of it! love that lace cardigan!!


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