Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Total Fail.

I am a complete failure. I have no pictures for today. Again I have a valid excuse because I spent the day at Six Flags with my brother and Ben. And then I came home and had dinner before heading straight to work. Tomorrow I need to be sure to take my photos before I head off to work at 3:15! I am working extra hours this week at the library because our system will be down. I don't mind too much because I need to save up my money. I am excited for this weekend because I am going to the city this saturday with my family! I have been their several times and now it is my turn to show them around! Well I will certainly try to do a much better post tomorrow. I keep having total ups and downs. I have a short post with or without photos and then I really great one that gets a few comments. Again thank you to everyone who has commented on my posts. I really appreciate and I love getting feedback. Also thanks to all my new and old followers. I really apprecitate it. I am now up to 33 followers and that makes me really happy. I am very grateful. :)

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