Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Casual & Windy.

I haven't been wearing make-up the past few days and it feels really weird! I usually put on a little cover up and mascara but I have been going without. I generally have been staying home so it hasn't mattered much but it's been quite nice. Tomorrow I hope to be very productive because I will have most of the day to myself. Back to today, I spent most of the day with Ben and then I went to work tonight. I wore one of my favorite skirts from JC Penney. It is from the Olsen Twins line Olsenboye. I also wore a navy blue tank top and I threw on a dark pink sweater for work. I loved this casual look because it is almost effortlessly chic and is super comfortable. On my to do list tomorrow is to clean, write my NIF article, and go through all my college stuff. Hope you had a great day! Sorry for the dark photos I need to start taking my photos earlier in the day. :)

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