Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little boho.

Say hello to my twin brother Timmy! I told him to jump into the shot, so he did! This dress is a little on the boho side. It is very long and can be worn strapless, halter, or spaghetti strap. Its a great versatile dress but I prefer to wear it plain and all by itself. It was very warm today and it was such a beautiful day. This dress was perfect to bring me from a hot day outside to work. I don't have much going on tomorrow. It is supposed to be especially chilly so we will see what I decide to wear. :)


  1. thank you for the comment on my blog love!! i can't belive you could be envious over it haha, my blog is NOTHING like I want it to be haha!

    aww you look so adorable! and how sweet of your brother to jump in :D. my brother doesn't look anything like me, ha!


  2. lovely lovely dress! love the prints and patterns of it :))


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