Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Fashion.

This day I really wanted to wear my floral dress from H&M. To avoid wearing a jacket I wore a black sweater over the dress and I used a tan braided belt to structure the look. A pair of black tights covered my legs and my pink flats finished the look for a touch of color.

For a day of running errands I decided to wear my jeans. I don't usually wear jeans I prefer tights and a dress. But this day I wanted to go laid back so I wore the denim with a plain tee and a purple paisley scarf. My plaid jacket helped keep me warm on a chilly NYC day.

For traveling I always strive for comfort. And when it is super cold layers are the way to go. This day I wore a black and grey striped dress with a white comfy cardigan on top. Black tights with white knee high socks and boots covered my legs. My favorite part of this look is my new bright pink coat I recently purchased at H&M. The color is my favorite and it fits perfectly. I originally wore my fur headband to keep me warm (bottom lefthand photo) but switched over to my wide brimmed hat when I got home! 

Lastly, a look using my boyfriends new shirt which I bought for him recently. I went to visit him this weekend and quickly stole this flannel shirt to wear with leggings. It was super comfortable and reminded me of him all day! I belted it for some shape and threw on some black basics. Now I know for future reference I can pack less clothing and steal from him to clothe myself for the weekend! 

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  1. Cool dress ! :)



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