Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colder days of summer. Part 2.

On another cold day of summer I would suggest pulling out those leggings. I decided to wear a summer-y dress today with leggings and a cardigan to help make it more temperature appropriate for this cold day! I wish it was warmer out because I have a bunch of looks that I prepared for warmer weather. I also really want to go swimming and sit outside but it has been way to cold or rainy to do either of those! I hope you like today's photos and you check back again tomorrow! :)


  1. aww you look really pretty! what a cute outfit! i love leggings soo much.

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. Haha we're having the same weather in the UK, one day it'll be quite nice and sunny and the next day (like today) it'll rain a lot and be really gloomy! Nobody knows what to wear, leggings are a really good idea!


  3. love that print! x



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