Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue two.

I wore blue again today. This bright royal blue is one of my favorite bright colors besides pink and purple! I wore this Express dress with my new tan cardigan and a necklace from my Grandma. I love this beaded tassel necklace. It combines a wonderful pearl tone with blue and gold for a perfect necklace to match my blue dress. This look may be simple but it is perfect for work. I am almost finished rearranging and changing up the decor in my room at home. In a few days I will post some picture of my new decor, if you are interested in interior design like I am then these photos should be as interesting to you as they are to me! Thanks new followers and thanks for reading.


  1. i love this outfit! you look lovely:)

  2. you look really pretty in this dress!

  3. i love the necklace, it completees the whole look, your so pretty!

    will you check out or follow my fashionblog?

    or just leave a comment, i lOVE comments..ehe

  4. u look super adorable!! love ur dress!!

  5. Nice blog :OO <3
    invite me ;> + FOLLOW?

  6. I love blue and beige together! You look so pretty!

  7. You are so adorable! I love your cardy :)

    Thx for the comment!



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