Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My apologies.

Sorry for not posting lately. I haven't been able to take very good photos and I have been feeling a little uninspired. I have a few looks I have prepared to wear but am waiting for the right weather, a special event, or a time when I can take fabulous photos. Today's look may be a little casual but I have been wanting to wear a head scarf for a while now. I based this look around my light blue polka dot scarf. I chose this simple gray dress because I like it mixed with the blue. I then decided to wear my short white leggings to match the polka dots on my scarf. I then threw in some black with my pouch necklace, sandals, and watch! Thanks for reading and for my new followers you make me the happiest! 

Lastly, a photo of the look I wore yesterday.

Be sure to check out my last post from the fashion show I modeled/designed for! 


  1. i've been looking for a way to wear a headscarf too, it looks great!

  2. Cute headscarf! Also I really like your floral dress. It looks adorable with that scarf!


  3. You are soooo cute! I love your first dress with those shorts.

  4. Your scarf is so cute! I agree that the bright blue looks really good with gray.


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