Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More fashion show photos.

Here are some more Discard Avant Garb 2011 photos. Thank you to all the photographers who shot the amazing photos in this post as well as my last post.

Above four photos by Robin Alexandria Kettner-Zebrowski. 
Wearing my own design (first two) and Erika Klein (last two).

Wearing my own design. Photos by Steve Swanson.

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  1. GORGEOUS! You look absolutely stunning! And that's so cool that you designed it too! You're so creative!

  2. Oh Wow ! I can imagine how it feels like to see your own creations on the catwalk, super !

  3. beeeautiful photos ;)
    thanks for the post ;) can you follow me? i follow u

  4. Hey Isabella! Thanks for stopping by to see me! I love these collections - the dresses are gorgeous & you are so talented xoxo

  5. How amazing ! You never fail to stun me - thanks for following i'll make sure i follow you ! STUNNING Xx

  6. wow love the design!! im a newbie here :) hope you can check out mine :)

  7. Thank you! I love the pics.

  8. These are great!

    <3 from San Francisco


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