Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11th.

I have decided that if I can not come up with a creative title I will just use the days date. How boring, I know! I am as always busy working on school stuff! I have classwork, club work, internship work, and an FIT application to fill out! Busy, busy. I wore my favorite pink shoes today with a black dress and my floral scarf. This scarf is one of my favorite finds, for less than three dollars I purchased this huge scarf which features lovely summer colors but can easily transition to the winter because of its large size. A little white tie to give the dress some shape and I called it a day. Thanks for all the great feedback on my last post!


  1. Pretty scarf, cute outfit


  2. love the super cute and casual look... great shoes!

  3. what a fun outfit! I love that you took pictures in the Library! such a good idea! it inspires me to do the same! :)


  4. I love how you kept it casual with the pink shoes! You look chic without looking like you're trying to. perfect!

  5. I was starting to worry. You used to wear all kinds of outfits with your super cute little sneakers and as of late you almost never do. *sad* :-(

    Anyway, I LOVE this outfit and it looks amazing with your little pink tennies! ;-)

    Here's hoping you break them out a bit more often...



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