Monday, January 16, 2012

Decor ideas.

Hello all! Sorry it has been a few days since I have posted. I have been busy working, cleaning, shopping, and organizing. Today since I spent the entire day out shopping I decided to to a post on decor. I took photos of the things I have hanging on the walls in my closet/dressing area. Under each photo is a description of the item. Thanks for stopping by. 

Each year I purchase a Shoe 360 calendar. These calendars have a shoe for each day featuring vintage, classic, and modern shoes all in full color. Each month also has one large photo. The above photo is of a large photo from that calendar. All I did was cut up the calendar and frame the picture. I absolutely love the above heel which was also accompanied by a quote.

This print of three dresses I found at a local craft store. I hung this matted print inside my closet. Below is a matching print of three different dresses.

Also from a local craft store.

The above two photos came from my 2010 shoe calendar

I love this ceramic sign. The quote sums up my shopping philosophy so well! I have this hung in my dressing area. It was a gift, but I have seen signs with the same quote at various stores.

The above two pictures came from my shoe calendar.

This picture features a post card that I framed. I purchased the postcard at a museum in Albany, NY when I visited an exhibit that was all about the history of shoes!

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