Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comfort and style.

This look is comfortable and chic. The hi-lo dress is thin, drapey, and in a sweet shade of pale periwinkle. The leggings, loafers, and belt pull the look together. Then the scarf layered on for warmth and the color and print work perfectly with the color of the dress.


  1. Hi! first, sorry if you don't understand all my comment but my english is baaad! jaja :)
    U look very pretty! i like your dress, is so simple but really cute! and i love the color!
    where are you from?


  2. Hi!
    thanks for the follow.
    I am doing the same.
    i love this outfit. It looks cool and so comfortable!

  3. These beautiful!
    I love your blog! this outfit is super cute :)
    kisses and thanks for visiting :)

  4. I absolutely love high-low dresses! They were a must for me this past summer.
    Nice blog by the way :)

    xx, Martha


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