Saturday, October 20, 2012

A week of Fall looks.

On Monday I decided to channel the 70s with a corduroy dress. The navy blue dress features an orange, red, and purple pattern and big round buttons down the top of the neckline. With some orange tights and brown boots my 70s look was complete. You can't see it in the photos but the dress also featured 3/4 length sleeves. 

On Tuesday I decided to wear my pink houndsooth dress. I love this dress from H&M because it is comfortable, in my favorite colors, and houndstooth is my favorite print. I wore a short sleeve long cardigan over the dress so the pink sleeves were still visible. A vintage gold belt around my waist for some shape and my black loafers for comfort. 

On Wednesday I wore my purple tiered ruffle dress from the Erin Fetherston for Target collection. I wore black tights and grey boots. And my black vest with studs on it under an animal print grey cardigan. I love the tiers with the two layers over them.

On Thursday I decided to wear my grey trouser shorts over black tights. On top I wore a neon green collared top from TJ Maxx under my black pull over sweater from Forever 21. I love this sweater because it has fringle along the 3/4 sleeve. The pull over was perfect because the peak of neon around the neck and wrists was just enough pop of color to go with the look. My loafers completed the look.

On Friday I decided to go comfortable. I have no class this day and it was raining so I spent most of the day watching Netflix and relaxing in my room. I wore a striped dress along with grey tights, black, boots, and a white scarf. Also a black cardigan pulled the basic look together.

Today I wore a new floral collar top from H&M. I love the colors in the print and the black collar. I wore it with a pair of tights and denim shorts. With my white sneakers for a day of walking I was ready for the day. 

Thanks for reading my weekly update! Since I am very busy at school and don't have a perfect place to take photos this is how I will be posting from now on. Therefore, you can look forward to weekly updates featuring my looks each week. Thanks for understanding! 


  1. I miss you in all your super-cute colored canvas sneakers you used t wear.. LOVE the white ones too!! ;-) Still rock them or not any more?? ;-(


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