Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Minute Fashionable Gifts.

Gifts for Her.

Gifts for her:
1. Oversize sweater - don't have to get the size right, the bigger the better!
2. Hooded sweatshirt - perfectly cozy for cold nights at home.
3. Bracelets - stackable stretch bracelets or bangles easy and always in style.
4. Statement necklace - a unique and easy gift idea for a jewelry lover.
4. Cross body or tote bag - cross body for a city dweller or tote for the working girl.
5. Nail polish - a girl can never have too many nail polish colors! 
6. Hats - winter beanies or fashionable fedoras perfect for the fashionable gal.
7. Perfume - whether a perfume or body spray girls love to smell great!
8. Stud earrings - or drop or chandelier earrings if you've seen her wearing them.
9. Lipstick/Mascara - great stocking stuffers and a little addition to any gift.
10. Shoes - if you know her size a pair of Converse or Toms can be a great gift!

Gifts for Men.

Gifts for him:
1. T-shirts - v-necks, crew necks, plain or patterned, they will wear them.
2. Boxers - because they never can have enough of them (even if they think they do).
3. Denim button up - perfect for the fashionable guy.
4. Fashion sneakers - vans, converse, nikes, they don't admit it but they love their kicks!
5. Belt or ties - perfect for the working man.
6. Scarf - when its cold they will appreciate it.
7. Gloves - a pair of tech gloves is a cool gift, they can text while wearing them.
8. Body wash or cologne - great addition to any gift.
9. Watch - I've learned working in jewelry that men love their watches!
10. Sweatshirts - because lets be honest, they can never have enough hoodies. 

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