Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look to try: tan tights.

Black tights get boring after a long winter. Although the weather in upstate New York has been mild this year I still always tend to reach for my black tights when wearing a dress in these months. I recently purchased tights in a bunch of new colors. Today I wore a tan pair. I love this tan color because not only is it close to nude but worn with the right colors and you can give your look an earthy feel. I went for a more sophisticated look today with a dress from Mango's collection at JCPenney. Never fear mixing neutrals today I wore navy, black, white, and tan all in one look.


  1. Miss Sara, that dress is awesome and the tights are perfect! You like you're ready for an opening at a Hollywood function!!!

  2. I love your little dress with those printed fashion ladies:)
    Great cosy look dear and lovely hair!

  3. awesome dress!! it definitely takes the spotlight.. :D

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I love that dress xx


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