Thursday, March 29, 2012

Double the fun.

I absolutely love when you purchase two different items and they unexpectedly go together so well. This dress is a recent purchase from Urban Outfitters. I love the floral print, pockets, bright colors, neckline, and the tent-style. This is a great spring dress. I also purchased an orange dress (not shown) which came with this amazing blue belt. Little did I realize until I got home that the blue belt matches this dress perfectly. I have been looking for a fun colored bright belt for a long time, and now I have this one which came with a dress I recently purchased for only $6! Not bad for a dress AND a belt. I cannot wait to pair this dress with other spring accessories, and wear this belt with other items in my wardrobe as well. Thanks for reading and have a spectacular day!


  1. The pictures look cool with the books in the background :) Really love your dress, the colors match so goood together. And it really pops out of your normal black outfit!

    Really nice blog, hope you will stop at mine sometime:)

    xxx Magdalena

  2. very very nice! love the dress! take a look at my blog...if you want we can follow each other! kisses

  3. lovely dress! perfect for spring and summer! xx

  4. me gusta el vestido!

  5. the dress is very beautiful!! and looks so much like spring!

    xxx Anita

  6. Love this look. Everything goes together perfectly. Very well put together and everything. ^_^



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