Monday, March 5, 2012

Tribal gold.

Tribal prints are a huge trend right now. I have an Urban Outfitters dress which has a muted tribal print. I love the blue on black, and also the wooden buttons down the front. This dress is great during the summer, but today I paired it with a gold cardigan, white scarf, and black leggings. I love the pop of color this gold cardigan brings to the otherwise dull look. The weather is supposed to warm up this week, and I am hoping to get outdoors to take photos.


  1. Cute combo, I like the color of the cardigan!:) Kisses!:)

  2. What a pretty dress, I love how you paired it with your bright yellow cardi!
    By the way, I love the "background" :) I wish I were less shy, so I could take some outfit photos inside the library I'm doing my internship in <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  3. Very Pretty Dress!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out the details on my page!


  4. I really like the outfit! Great blog! I'm a new follower =)

  5. excellent outfit.
    you look good in photos.
    I love the sweater
    kisses .. ♥

  6. i love that cardigan adorable look xx

    violetheart xxoo

  7. Cute outfit! Follow you now and it would be great if you follow me too!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  8. I just found your blog and I already like it...
    So I started to follow you & you would make me really happy when you would follow me back!
    Stop by, Say Hi:

  9. this dress is so pretty :) it looks lovely with the yellow cardigan too. good combination! x

  10. the color of the cardigan is great!!


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