Monday, June 18, 2012

No fun.

I was recently told in an anonymous blog comment that I have no fun with my looks. I personally have a lot of fun with fashion. I love when people comment on my posts and I get some amazing feedback. But my fashion sense is fun and sensible. So when someone says I am having "no fun" I can't take it to heart.  In many readers minds this look is boring. Today it was appropriate for me. I wore a pair of my favorite jeans cuffed, a black tee, scarf, and my green keds. I gave this look a simple flair by wearing a pair of colored sneakers. I am off to NYC tomorrow. I will be back Wednesday with another post, stay tuned!


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  2. Sara, I consistently love every outfit that you post. You always dress more "fun" than a usual crowd of college students! Love you <3

  3. NO FUN!?!?!?! Are they KIDDING?!?!?! You seem to have the most fun out of every fashion blogger that I follow!!! Your fashion always fits the moment and there is always a smile on your face during your shoots!!! You're either always bright and shiny with your looks, or if they're toned down, they match well, but YOU still have your smile and other creative expressions!!! The only peskiness I will EVER have with you is that you point your toes together in some of your pics and I think it makes you look retarded, but other than that, you are one of the best fashionistas I've come across! I TOTALLY LOVE your mix of colors!!!! Your tights collection is also top-notch!!! And who could ever consider today's look boring??? The colors are SO awesome together, it's all great, and the scarf makes it ALL HAPPEN!!! Miss Sara, I will always have an envy of your fashion!!! :-)

  4. Cute outfit! Love the print of your scarf and the pop of color from your sneakers. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  5. I personaly, love your style, and your getting older so your tastes are going to change. Maybe the person that sent the message meant that you don't wear vibrant colours as much as you use too. But its better to be safe with what you wear, than have people think you were smoking meth when you dressed yourself. 8op Oh I have the same sneakers from payless. The pairs I picked up were red and teal. They are so cute!!
    PS Just curious how would you wear your sneakers with tights (I was thinking maybe light blue or white tights) and a skirt?

  6. That's something special!!
    Follow each other? :)



I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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