Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Costume DIY.

Halloween Costumes can be easily put together this season. Try these easy combos below for a 
quick costume. All you need is a few simple items from your closet. If you don't own these wardrobe staples they can be purchased for much cheaper than buying a full blown costume. Save your money and buy these items from a regular shop or thrift store. Add accessories from a halloween store to pull your costume together. You can purchase these for much cheaper than buying an actual costume. Don't forget to check your local thrift shops and Target to find items for your costume. Below are ideas for a hippie, cat, barbie, witch, and where's Waldo.


Bell bottoms + Moccasins + Tie Dye = Hippie


Black Jumpsuit + Black Boots + Fur Jacket = Black Cat


Pink dress + Pink Purse + Pink Lipstick + Pink Heels = Barbie


Lace Black Dress + Stripe Tights + Black Booties = Witch


Red and White Striped Top + Blue Jeans + Brown Shoes = Where's Waldo

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  1. Great and simple ideas, thank you for sharing!

    Much Love,
    Amy K


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