Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping on a Budget.

Shopping on a budget is a big deal to me. As a recent college graduate in a lot of debt from student loans I find it extremely important to shop on a budget and not spend too much money on all of the pieces in my wardrobe. The above look features all inexpensive items from various stores. The polka dot dress was only $12.95 from H&M. The black cardigan I purchased on sale at Target for $12.50 and the scarf I purchased a few years ago from Walmart for only $5. My boots were around $20 from Burlington Coat Factory and the tights were only $5 from Target.  All together making this look cost around $55. But each of these items is extremely versatile and can be warm with several different looks.

Tips for shopping on a budget:
  • Hit the sale racks! Places like Target, H&M, Forever 21, and department stores have great sale and clearance racks. You can find items for super cheap that are still in style. Don't get flustered looking through a pile of clothes. Take your time and rummage through. You never know what you might find! 
  • Shopping online? Look for coupon codes! You can almost always find free shipping coupon codes for online stores. Also some stores offer 15% of 20% off coupon codes for online orders. 
  • Don't be afraid to shop thrift shops. I've found countless new items at my local Goodwill store. Target sends many of their unsold items to Goodwill and you can get them for seriously discounted prices off their racks. 
  • Shop around for staple items and basics. Looking for a plain white tee or black cardigan? Don't assume you'll find them for the best price at Target or Walmart. I've purchased camisoles and plain tees at Forever 21 for less than $5. 
  • Don't cheap on an item you want to last forever. I recently purchased a wool peacoat for $70. Although it wasn't that expensive I could have purchased a similar one for $20 but the quality just wasn't the same. Sometimes you have to consider the quality of an item over the price! 
All of the items below are less than $50. View the set on Polyore to purchase the items!

Under $50!

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