Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Weather Style.

1. Don't be afraid to wear a hat.
Everyone says that they look awful in hats. But I strongly believe that everyone can look good in a hat. It all depends on finding the right type of hat for your personal style. The best part about wearing a hat is that they can be super stylish but also functional. A cozy knit beanie is perfect for keeping your ears warm or a felt wide brimmed hat can be perfect for a boho chic look. If hats aren't your thing try a knit headband to keep your ears warm.

Classic coats.
2. Purchase a coat that is timeless.
A peacoat can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Basic black is always a great choice but also consider a pop of color in a traditional shape. Single or double breasted, with or without a belt, collar, no collar, with a hood. There are some many options to choose a coat that fits your style. A black and white print (check, houndstooth, tweed) can also be perfect for your wardrobe. Last winter I purchased a hot pink peacoat from H&M, and this season I purchased an Anne Klein black peacoat. Both are perfect timeless coats for the season. One a little more basic than the other but both work perfectly for the season. Also, don't cheap out when buying a coat. Find one made of at least part wool and that is fully lined. You won't be disappointed in spending the extra money for a coat that lasts longer and can be worn for many winter seasons to come.

3. Leggings and tights can be your best friend.
Don't be afraid to wear anything other than jeans during the winter months. Tights and leggings can still keep you warm and can be simple, comfortable, and chic. Be sure to have a basic pair of black leggings and opaque tights in your wardrobe. Also consider trying a pair with a flair. A knit tight can be warm and stylish under a dress or skirt. Printed leggings can also be super chic and add a little spice to a basic colored tunic. Tights can be a simple and cheap addition to your wardrobe and can help some of your summer staples be wearable during the colder months. 

Layering tops.
4. Layers.
I can't say enough about layers. It is very important to add basics to your wardrobe. Layering tanks can be essential in keeping warm during cold winter days. Try a tank top under a basic long sleeve shirt in either a solid or basic print (stripes, polka dot, plaid) and layer over that a cardigan, sweater, or fun faux fur vest. These layers can look super chic and all it takes is piling on a few basic items. Add a scarf for another layer or belt the look. 

Boots & Socks.
5. Boots and tall socks.
Boots are a winter staple in the Northeast. I have many pairs of boots. And you can get them in so many varieties. A black pair is essential for me, and also a brown or tan, and grey are my top three to have in your wardrobe. A mix of suede and leather add dimension to your collection. Tall socks are great under boots. Let them peek out of the top to add another pop of color to your look or wear a basic black pair for warmth and comfort. Ankle boots are also all the rage this season. Boots go great over leggings, tights, and jeans. A stacked heel can aid in adding some height to your look and can make your legs look longer. Or black boots with black leggings, jeans, or tights can make your legs look super long. 

Summer into Winter.
6. Repurpose your summer wardrobe.
All of these items might look like they are for the summer season only but think again! All of these summer dresses can easily be transformed to a wintertime outfit but adding tights, a sweater and a scarf. The neon green skirt can be worn with black tights, a blouse, scarf, and boots. Voila! Perfect cold weather look even with the hint of neon. Afraid of the bright colors? Tone them down the darker toned basics. Another great idea is to wear your black shorts over black tights. This look can be fashionable and not childish. What about your crop tops? Wear them with a high waisted pant or skirt. Again add a scarf or chunky sweater to cover your arms and neck. 

7. Scarves.
Scarves don't need a whole lot of explanation. What a simple addition to your wardrobe for a low price.  Infinity or circle scarves are increasingly popular this season and can be found almost anywhere. Try a printed scarf over a basic blouse or mix your prints! A faux fur scarf can also add a touch of sophistication to your look. 

Long sleeve and jackets.
8. Wear long sleeves under a jacket.
Don't forget about your light jackets when it gets really cold. Pair a long sleeve sweater or tee shirt under your jackets for a warm look. These three types of jackets are totally in style right now. The army green jacket, denim, and leather biker jackets are perfect paired with tops and tees. Army green looks great with a pale pink or navy blue. Denim goes well with a striped tee or plaid! The leather looks fabulous with a soft sweater underneath for some delicate and edgy contrast.

Large bags.
9. Large bag to hold winter essentials.
I like to carry a larger bag during the winter for a few simple reasons. First, they can really hold all of your essentials. Second, use the extra space in a larger bag to hold your scarf, hat, and gloves when you head indoors after arriving at your destination. Nothings worse than having to carry your hat and gloves around inside the grocery store or your friends place. Lastly, a large bag looks better when you are wearing a chunky sweater or jacket. A tiny little bag can look a little lackluster when wearing a large jacket and a lot of layers. 

Sweater dresses & Turtle necks.
10. Sweater dresses and turtle necks.

Sweater dresses are so cozy and warm. Plus turtlenecks can be functional and chic. For a simple winter outfit pair a sweater dress with tights and a scarf. No cardigan needed for those sweater dresses with sleeves simplifying the look with no need to add another piece. Turtlenecks are also super chic and parisian. No scarf needed for these tops. Add a simple necklace to offset the chunky material. These turtleneck crop tops are also so cute for a night out on the town! 

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