Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make a mini work appropriate.

Like many college aged girls I own several miniskirts. Although I do not feel comfortable wearing them to work there are several ways you can build a look around the skirt to make it feel more appropriate for a casual work environment. Today I wore my yellow mini with an oversize floral tunic. This tunic is long enough to cover the tight part of the skirt but still leaves a peak of color. All you need to do is throw on a cardigan and the look is perfect for work in a casual environment. Another option when wearing a mini is to throw on an oversize cardigan or one of a longer length. This will cover the clingy skirt around your waist and butt but still show the skirt a perfect amount. Now I am not saying that if you are required to wear business casual to work that this look is for you. Please stick to pencil skirts and trousers in that case, but if you work in a creative field or a casual environment express yourself and go for it!

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