Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot summer days.

The above photo shows my new tie dye shirt! I decided to do some stripes this time and I used 
a little bit of all the colors we had. Once the shirt was done I created some fringe along the 
bottom by cutting the shirt. Although I would probably not leave the house wearing my tie dye 
and yoga shorts it was a great outfit to relax in around the house. 

I have a sad obsession with these purple floral shorts from Uniqlo my favorite Japanese brand. 
Perfect for a hot day with a little white tee or tank top. I had to wear a black sweater over it for
work but paired with my silver and black sandals the look was easy and breezy in the warm air.

I have had this strapless dress forever! Purchased at American Eagle a few years ago when 
I was still in high school. Every once in a while I feel the need to wear it. 
I love the bright blue color and the floral print. I wore my light green keds
 (hard to see in the photo) but the just match so perfectly with the dress.

Well I was a stylish little lad wasn't I? 1996 and oh so fashionable in my plaid skirt. 

Don't forget to read my last post! And ill be back again soon with something new. :)

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  1. loving this and the blog!


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