Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cold Weather Looks.

Lavender is such a great color for all seasons. Although this pastel shade might be 
considered a spring color it is perfect with a pair of black pants and flats. Boots
can be swapped in on a cooler day. The studs on the color make for a great detail
and the long sleeves allow the look to be more seasonal appropriate.

I just recently purchased this red print dress from target. The color is perfect for Fall/Winter
and there is nothing easier than throwing on a black cardigan and tights. Black boots are also
a perfect winter staple because they can go with almost any look and are super comfy.

To transition this pink lace summer dress into the winter I wore it with a black cardigan, tights
and an ankle boot. The ankle boots adds a touch of sophistication to the look rather than a knee
high pair of boots. Any summer dress can be transitioned into winter with all black staple items.

My ankle boot collection. I might have an obsession. 

Coming soon a post on Winter Fashion Tips! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. You are so lovely and have such great fashion sense....... I love your taste and chic design ideas....
    It also seems that you love tights as much as I do
    I'm a dance major, and have "lived: in tights since I was 5. Oh, and I'm a guy too.
    I happen to wear tights with big sweaters, and with shorts, and leggings too on campus regularly.
    I know I get looks, but with my longer hair and skinny body, many people who don't know me just assume that Im a girl.
    I'd like to ask you...what do you think of guys in tights and leggings? Classy of course......
    My sweaters always are at least hip you know what I mean.
    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan


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