Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Basic and neon.

Hello everyone! Just a quick post today. I decided that this week is no make-up week. I didn't wear any yesterday and I don't plan on wearing any until Friday night and Saturday for the Fashion Show. I feel like I get into a routine of waking up and putting my makeup on that when I don't wear it I feel naked. I am hoping this week will help with that. I decided to wear a grey dress today with my leggings for comfort. I also wore my black cardigan and a bright neon green belt for some color. I know this look is pretty casual but my days are so crazy that going casual and comfortable helps. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I feel naked when I don't wear eye makeup so I know how you feel! I think you look pretty without makeup, seriously! && that green belt is really cool!

  2. I love the green shoelace belt! I've never seen that before.. Super creative! You look so cute too! I love the library setting (:

    Julie @ Mint & Mellow (Enter my giveaway!)

  3. you look so pretty without makeup! i always feel so naked without it, and feel so like not pretty.

    anyways i love the outfit. the green pop of color is kind of amazing.


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