Monday, April 11, 2011

Warm air.

It is a little bit warm out today which is such a shocker since we have had terrible weather and no luck with bringing in sunny warm weather. Although it is not sunny today the air feels a little warm which is nice. In honor of the warm air I tried to wear some bright colors today. I paired my green skirt with a purple cardigan and I have decided that this color combination is one of my new favorites. I wore plain black basics with the colors for a comfortable Monday look. I wish I had worn more accessories today but I tend to just throw some clothes on when it comes to getting dressed Monday mornings! I wore my new shoes today. I have been waiting for it to be nice enough out to wear them. :)

(Outfit details: Skirt- Kids dept. Target, Cardigan- Worthington, Shoes- Spring)


  1. The the pruple/teal combo! The black goes perfectly with it, I tried to picture it with other colors besides the black, but can't figure any better pairing! The skirt and cardigan totally steal the show though! Don't take this wrong, I don't mean to be vulgar at all, but I forgot that you have way long legs! All winter with your boots on made you look all itty bitty :-)

  2. cute color block and lovely shoes!! i love the point + buckles.



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