Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Around the corner.

Here are some photos of looks from last Wednesday and Today. Both looks are similar with a full skirted patterned dress. Today I wore the look with red tights and last week the long sleeve dress. As you can tell my favorite library photo is the one where I am sitting! Seeing as I have one from each day that are almost identical minus the outfit. As usual I am very busy but I am doing my best to make time for blogging. On an exciting note I am going to New York City this Saturday and hopefully I'll get some good photos on the trip. Also, I can't believe its November already! Soon I will be home for Thanksgiving break.  Thanks for reading!


  1. fab! i love your first outfit ;)


  2. These outfits are lovely and look so cosy for the colder, autumnal weather! I love the location too, I woudlnt have the guts to take pictures in our library :') xxx

  3. lovely outfits! And nice location :).

  4. The first dress is just lovely ♥
    I really liked your blog, and I'm now following **

  5. Aw cute outfit, the tights add such a nice pop of colour!

  6. obsessed with the red tights girl!! great post keep it up!! :))



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