Monday, November 28, 2011

Collar Sweater Combination

Wore a new sweater which I purchased at Goodwill on Black Friday. Paired with my Cece Topping which is the collar piece and my jeans for a comfy Monday. I absolutely love the look of collars underneath a top or dress but I hate the comfortableness of having an entire layer on under my sweater. This Cece Topping worked out perfectly because I was able to show the collar without the bulk of a full shirt. I will be back on Wednesday with another post!


  1. Collar- sweater is my fav nerdy look! And high heels of course :)


  2. I absolutely love that outfit. It would have been adorable if that sweater was much longer and a pair of white tights would work nicely. This time of year is perfect for the white tights. :-)

  3. I am partial to white tights. You have a great sense and feel for fashion. Maybe your next outfit could center around white tights? I realize that the fashion trend might lean toward dark colored tights at this time of year but I feel that white tights are equally fashionable.

  4. Thank you for your comment! I love white tights as well, my pair recently ripped so I am waiting on buying a replacement pair. Hard for me to get to the store while at school so i've been working with what I got.


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